All participants need to upload an audition tape of their favourite/best performance to showcase their skills & talent. The performance needs to be at least 3 minutes long. Based on their performance on this audition tape, 16 participants will be shortlisted for each country rounds.

All applicants’ audition tapes will be broadcasted as part of the program. Hence kindly only provide audition videos which do not include any logos. If you require help with shooting the audition video, kindly contact us.  

Country rounds

Each participant will perform two rounds in country rounds. Three judges will score each performance.

Out of the 16 participants, based on their performances in 2 rounds, the top 2 participants will be considered as the victors of each country rounds and will be chosen to participate in the semi-finals by the judges.

Semi Finals.

16 participants selected from 8 countries will battle for their place in finals in a specially build studio.

Participants need to dance in 5 different rounds, and based on the judge’s score in all these five rounds; 5 participants will be given the golden ticket to participate in the grant finals.

Grant Finals

Five finalists will battle in 2 rounds in the grant finals. The participants with the heights points will be chosen as the “Naatiyathargai” and crowned with the 1 kg Golden Crown by the judges.

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