Music for this performance must not contain ;

  1. Indian classical track
  2. cinema songs
  3. lyrics
  4. Carnatic/ hindustani fusion.

Each performance must be between 6 – 8 mins unless otherwise stated.

Participants are charged the bellow amount based on the country of application to participate in the competition and be in chance to win the 1kg Golden crown.

United Kingdom – £100
Europe – €100
Switzerland – 150 CHF
Canada – 150 CAD
Norway – 1000 Kroner
Denmark – 800 Kroner



Yes, all auditions will be broadcasted as part of the show, hence only provide videos which do not contain logos of any other dance competitions since we might not have the necessary legal clearance / licences to broadcast other competition/ shows from the original copyright owner.

If you require help with shooting the audition video, kindly contact us.

Yes, you can compete from other countries other than the listed 8 countries. please get in touch with us to get more information.

No formal qualification is needed to participate in the competition. as long as the participant is talented enough to pass though the needed rounds, anyone can enter to compete.

Anyone over 12 can participate in the Naatiyatharagai competition. There is no upper age limit. Participants who are underage needs to be accompanied by adults.

The reason we have chosen the age of 12 as minimum age is that the dancer will have the needed maturity and skill sets to go through the competition, but if your child / student has the needed basics and as a guru or parent you are confident, kindly contact us to discuss.


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